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Why does David Talley get his own Team anyway?

In case you are a new follower OR you have just stumbled upon this post by accident, you might be wondering a few things: who the heck is David Talley, why does he get his own team and what is this team doing? Maybe his New Year’s resolution is to start his own adult football team…maybe. After all, we do love our football…

First of all, let me share with you a moment a little about David Talley, lovingly known as DT. ¬†DT was born and raised in Maryville. He is a husband to Jennifer, a father of 4 and a grandfather (aka Puffy) of 8. In addition to his strong family ties, you might see him riding his bike, walking the family dog (Beatrice), hiking or relaxing on his boat. He also moves a lot (16 houses in 32 years) and he sells a little bit of real estate…well over $100 Million since his career began in 2001.

A couple things that really helped to shape DT’s real estate career are his former involvement as a local restaurant owner and his strong commitment to the Young Life organization as a long-time Leader. Both of those things allowed him to meet and become closely connected to so many people which he will tell you is one of the things he prefers most in life. As a matter of fact, DT said recently that his favorite part of the business is that he “gets to meet new people and have new experiences almost every day. It never gets stale.”

Now to the team: while DT loves people and being out and about, this can have some limitations as it relates to having enough time to give each client the attention that they need and deserve. He recognized this and made a decision to involve others in the process so he can focus on providing the absolute best in client care. DT has many masterful skills when it comes to negotiating and, ultimately, reaching peaceful resolution and he knew that this was the area that the team needed him to concentrate.

In the coming days, we’ll introduce you to the rest of the team and describe their roles in more detail. ¬†Fortunately for DT, he has surrounded himself with team members who get to focus on their own individual strengths that include: working with Buyers, advocating for Sellers, strategic pricing, transaction/document management, marketing and client care. In short, when you hire the David Talley Team, you’ll always get David…and 4 other highly skilled real estate professionals who will guide you through the process so you can have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Until next time…