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A Diamond in the Ruff

My wife Jennifer and I are sometimes referred to by our friends as Nomads. You see ,we have lived in 14 houses in 30 years of marriage. One house in Cross Creek, we lived in twice in 2 years but that’s another story!

About 5 years ago, we decided that modern plumbing, functional wiring, square corners, dry basements and other such nonsense were just not for us and we bought a house in the Oak Park Historic District.
street sign
The house had been sitting empty for about 18 months and on the day of closing, my dear wife looked at me through crocodile tears and said, “I cannot believe that you are going to move us into that stinky, mold infested ____ hole!” (This is a family blog…you can fill in the blank).  We moved in… there was sheetrock dust, sawdust and leaks, walls torn down, things patched up and new counter tops installed.  We enjoyed long walks around South Maple and Oak Park and Melvin and Willard. There were bike rides on the greenbelt and Sammy and Cindy a few houses up and Robert and Melinda a block away. Then our daughter, Katie, bought the house next door with two of our grandsons.
I can’t imagine living anywhere else! Daily, we walk our poodle around the neighborhood.  We say “Hi” to our neighbors and they know our dog’s name. There are hundred year old homes (and a few hundred year old neighbors). The gigantic oak trees form a canopy over the street. It’s kinda magical on some days.
I know you love your home too. But, if you are out driving and looking for a great little place to take a walk, park on South Magnolia or Mountain View and come see us in the Oak Park Historic District. If you see a guy walking a 75 pound black poodle, say “Hi”… her name is Beatrice!
Hope to see you,
David Talley