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Our First Home

I remember the first house we purchased, waaaay back in 1999.  It was a small, 3-bedroom home in idyllic Signal Mountain, TN.  I still remember our REALTORⓇ standing with us on the front porch at 825 Texas Avenue looking across at the home that would eventually belong to lifelong friends. I could almost guarantee that someone was hiding in the bushes to signal, “Cue the kid on the bike!” as we watched a little neighborhood girl ride past us.  We were SOLD!


Since that time, our family has grown and Molly and I have owned other homes, but 825 Texas Avenue remains my favorite house.  It was on a small, triangular-shaped lot on the side of a hill.  It was barely 1,200 sq. ft., with a tricky driveway and a carport.  Over time, we had the carport shed repurposed into a home office…couldn’t beat the daily commute!  I can still see our infant daughter crawling around the kitchen at my wife’s feet; Emma’s favorite place in the house was the cereal cabinet where she would sit and eat Cheerios while Molly worked.  My oldest son was barely in pre-school and would line up his hundreds of toy elephants, trunk to tail, from one end of the house to the other along the hardwood floors.  We “borrowed” money from our parents for the 20% downpayment, and felt really great about our 8.25%, 30-year loan.  It wasn’t the biggest or most extravagant home in the world, but it was ours.  Our first home!

Recently, I had the good fortune to help Adam and Danielle Morrell purchase their first home here in Maryville, TN.  I could never have dream of two better people to assist.  And, as we took this picture, I was flooded with the memories Molly and I shared in our first home over 15 years ago, and wondered what memories will be made for the Morrells.  It was exciting for me to help them work through the process of finding the right house to call home…through complex negotiations including competing with other offers, inspections, minor anxieties, etc.., it was a thrill for us all; especially at the end when I was able to hand over the keys to their very first home.


Do you remember your first home? We would love for you to share your story with us.  And, if you happen to be looking for your first home, or your second, or even your tenth, give me a call!  I’d love to be part of your story.  The memories are only waiting for you!

~Eric Rice
LeConte Realty, LLC